Twix-addict who spends equivalent of a round-trip to New York a year on chocolate bar

A self-proclaimed Twix addict has revealed how he forks out £300 a year on the chocolate bar – but has no intention to stop.

Journalist Dave Bradshaw has become so obsessed with the chocolate treat he takes a break at 3pm every work day to grab one.

After being challenged by his editor from SurreyLive about the sugar fix, he worked out he was spending 85p everyday on the obsession, which doesn’t seem a ludicrous amount at first.

But, after totting it up 365 days a year he was in fact spending £310.25 annually – the same as a round-trip to New York or a years subscription to Sky Sports.

Mr Bradshaw was first made aware of the fixation – or twixation – when his colleagues sat him down when he was about to head off for his daily break.

He said: “One day my editor sat me down and said with a completely straight face: ‘I think you might have a problem.’

“My first reaction was total denial. I loudly complained about how it was perfectly normal to have a mid-afternoon snack and it was outrageous of him to claim that there was anything unusual about someone who has one every day.

“‘OK,’ he said calmly. ‘But how much does it cost you over the course of a year?’

“I reached for my calculator and figured it out.

“I get the Twix Xtra because only a chump buys the regular ones when the difference in price is so small.

“It costs me a mere 85p per day in my local Tesco which, if multiplied by 365 days comes to a measly…£310.25.

The reporter admitted he was angered by the amount he was spending on chocolate and considered going cold turkey, or rationing one bar – with two fingers – over two days.

“Oh God, who was I kidding?,” he said.

“I don’t even have the willpower to eat a piece of fruit if there’s a Twix in the house. Every week I buy a bunch of bananas with grand intentions of turning a new, healthier leaf with my dessert habits.

“And then, five days later, I swat away all the empty Twix wrappers around the fruit bowl, pick up the now spotty yellow bananas, and grudgingly eat at least a couple of them before they turn brown, promising all the while that I’ll do better next time.”

Despite the staggering amount he’s spent on chocolate over the past years, Mr Bradshaw says he’s accepted his sweet tooth will see him dipping into his pockets and he has no suggestion of quitting.

He said: “I am at peace with the fact that I can’t bring you a success story about how I conquered my cravings and saved loads of money at a time when we could all do with saving a few quid.

“Most of all, I am at peace with the fact that I really like eating a Twix.

“It is the undisputed champion of both chocolate bars and biscuits, and I am not ashamed to be one of its most loyal fans. Long live Twix.”