Are You Worried About Your Dry And Cracked Hands? Try These Home Remedies

Our hands are probably the busiest organ throughout the day. From maintaining our hygiene to doing household chores, the excessive use of detergents, soaps and chemicals makes the hands dry and cracked. We often neglect them. But it is very important to keep our hands hydrated and soft. So if you are worried about your dry and rough hands, today we will help you with some easy home remedies that will make your hands soft and supple again.

Wash hands in lukewarm water: For dry and cracked hands, it is best to use lukewarm water. As cold water works to reduce the moisture of the hands. On the other hand, the skin of the hands starts to become soft with the use of lukewarm water. For this, after work, soak your hands in lukewarm water for some time. Then wipe the hands with a clean cloth and apply cream or lotion. This will help your hands to be soft and smooth.

Use moisturiser: It is also a good option to take the help of lotion or moisturizer to remove the dryness of hands. For this, wash your hands with clean water and dry them then apply lotion, or hand cream to regain the moisture of your hands and make them soft.

Honey: You can also use honey to moisturise your hands. For this, apply honey to the hands and keep it for 15 minutes then wash the hands with clean water. You will see that your hands will look softer and smoother than before.

Apply Aloe Vera Gel: The use of aloe vera gel can also be very helpful in removing cracks and retaining moisture. Apply aloe vera gel on the hands and massage it with light hands. This will eliminate the cracks in your hands and your hands will become soft.

Milk: The use of milk can also prove to be a very effective remedy to make hands soft. Milk contains moisturising agents. Dip your hands in lukewarm milk and wash them with clean water after 10 minutes. This remedy will help you regain the moisture in your hands and make them soft and smooth.