Gran’s horror as grandson found surrounded by takeaway and deflated balloons

A grandmother was left horrified after discovering her grandson dead in his bed when she went to bid him goodbye, an inquest has heard.

Student Hindolo Amadu-Moore, 20, was last seen alive by his mum on February 4 after he opened his door to her when she arrived home from work.

But within 24 hours he was found dead by his gran lying on his back next to a takeaway from Deliveroo and deflated balloons, MyLondon reports.

Unfortunately although paramedics and police officers tried to save him, he was pronounced dead at his home, with a post-mortem report stating that the cause of death had been “unascertained”.

An inquest held at Barnet Coroner’s Court heard that Hindolo had “seemed okay” the evening before his death.

He was last seen by his mum at 8.45pm, before then using the bathroom at around 10pm.

His mum went into his bedroom at around midday where she saw that he was still sleeping and left him to rest.

His grandmother visited the family at 2pm and decided before leaving to visit his bedroom to “say hello, I’m leaving now” to Hindolo.

She noticed that he was unresponsive and called for Hindolo’s mum, who entered the bedroom and noticed that he was cold.

A Deliveroo takeaway with chips and chicken wings were on his dressing table and deflated balloons and a gas canister were also present in the room.

The court heard that Hindolo was on medication for asthma and that he suffered from a nut allergy, with a particular aversion to cashew and almond nuts.

Paramedics from the London Ambulance Service rushed to the scene and arrived at 5.21pm, but were sadly unable to do anything to prevent Hindolo’s death.

He was found lying on his back in the bed with his earphones in, his mobile phone nearby and his laptop open on the bed.

Upon arriving at the scene, PC Gozdaz investigated the scene but found “no marks, bruises or cuts or any signs of foul play” and declared the death as unexplained.

Despite a detailed post-mortem examination by pathologist Dr Kamel, a cause of death was unable to be determined and was given as unascertained.

Mr Walker explained that while there had been a suspicion his death had been caused by inhaling nitrous oxide from the gas canister, it was not located near his body and there was ‘no evidence’ it had been used.

Similarly, Hindolo had a number of asthma attacks in his bedroom, with senior coroner Andrew Walker adding: “Asthma attacks are not sudden things.

“If he was suffering from an asthma attack, I would have expected him to get off his bed and use his asthma inhalers.”

It had also been raised during the course of the investigation that Hindolo could have suffered an allergic reaction to his Deliveroo order, which may have “been cooked in peanut oil”.

However, the coroner noted that there were no significant signs of an allergic reaction upon his person.

“In effect he died in his sleep with his headphones in his ears with no explanation for his death,” Mr Walker said.

“There are occasions when adults die suddenly which is known as Sudden Adult Death Syndrome.

“There’s no suggestion that he had an asthma attack, there’s no suggestion he was suffering an allergy from something in the Deliveroo order and there’s no suggestion he was inhaling nitrous oxide.”

While the pathologist had given a cause of death as unascertained, Mr Walker explained that given “careful consideration of the circumstances”, he felt justified in changing it to sudden adult death with an unexplained cause.

“We’ve looked carefully at the evidence together and we’ve not been able to link the items in the room with Mr Amadu-Moore’s death,” he added.

If you or anyone you know has been affected by Sudden Adult Death Syndrome, contact the charity SADS UK for support.